Rail Safety Policy

The Board and Sadleirs Management believe that all workplace accidents are preventable and will strive to see that our rail operations are free of risk and harm to our staff, contractors and the public at large through co-operation and promoting a positive rail safety culture by all parties.  

In recognition of this, we shall so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP) provide and maintain a Safe and Healthy work environment by aiming to:

  • Comply with all Health and Safety Laws and Regulations applicable to our national businesses.
  • Make every effort to identify, eliminate and/or control hazards within the workplace.
  • Embed safety throughout our internal policies, management processes and procedures
  • This policy will be communicated electronically and consultation process be made available to all interested parties.

Our policy provides for:

  • All levels of Management and Supervisory staff to be responsible and accountable for adherence to Rail Safety Policy
  • Minimizing the potential for incidents through individual awareness and compliance by employees, contractors and with all rail safety requirements within their area of responsibility.
  • Establishing and maintaining regular rail management meetings to review Occupational, and rail safety programmes and practices.

Management of risk, safety and health at work is a shared responsibility; we therefore encourage each employee to:

  •  Develop a safe working attitude.
  •  Set a personal safety example.
  •  Exert every effort to prevent accidents during the course of employment.

Only by continual strong effort focused on S.A.F.E (Sadleirs Accident Free Everyday) will we achieve our goal of eliminating all accidents from Sadleirs operations.

Management will ensure the Rail Safety Policy is fully understood by all staff and employee involvement is encouraged to continually improve our safety practices.

The Rail Safety management system will be audited, reviewed annually and revised taking into consideration, changes in legislation or company requirements. Policy changes will be approved by the Board of Directors and communicated by the Compliance Director.