Sadleirs Logistics FAQs

At what rate will I be charged if I send goods that aren't included in my rates?

Always make sure that you have a rate to cover the movement intended, as schedule rates will apply automatically in the absence of contract prices.

What happens if I don't fill in the consignment note correctly?

The consignor (sender) should make sure that the carriers consignment note is filled in completely and be aware of the conditions of carriage. This will help minimize misdirection (or possible loss) of freight, incorrect charges and the incurring of reversal fees. If the consignee (receiver) is to pay the freight, he/she should stipulate to the consignor (sender) the carrier to be used and the method of transport ie 'priority' of 'economy'. Should the instructions not be complied with and additional costs are incurred, then under the Sales of Goods Act, the consignor is obliged to pay the differences in charges.

Why have I been charged for more than the goods weigh?

Charges will be based on weight or cubic measurements, whichever is the greatest. for example: a carton weighs 9kg (dead weight) and measures 67 x 32 x 48cm. This will be converted to a cubic weight by multiplying the dimensions (as part of a metre not in cm or mm) ie 0.67 x 0.32 x 0.48 = 0.1029 This is then multiplied by the cubic for your rate (usually 1M3 per 333kg) to convert to a cubic weight. 0.1029 x 333 = 34.26 As the cubic weight (34.26kg) is greater than the dead weight (9kg), the charges would be based on 34.26kg.

How is uncrated machinery measured?

Uncrated machinery will be measured to a minimum height of 2.54m and minimum width of 2.45m.

How do I check arrival of freight?

Should you wish to check on the arrival of your freight, please make sure you have the correct consignment note number for the goods in question. This will enable a prompt response to your request. Please contact the main switch in the receiving state and they will place your call to the correct person to assist in your query.

Can I track my freight on line?

Online Freight Tracking is currently only available to customers who have an account with Sadleirs Logistics. If you have an account, you can register for access via the Sadleirs Logistics / Freight Tracking screen on this website.

I don't currently have an account with Sadleirs, who can I speak to for more information?

One of our Sales Representatives will be happy to discuss service and pricing with you. Please contact our office in your state and they will put you in contact with the Sales Representative for your area.